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30.01.2008 |
A theatre performance re-invoicing the sound dimensions of political public rage.

19 August 2009, Udine (Italy)

The award wining performance for innovation and aesthetic breakthrough at 43rd Borštnik Meeting in the year 2008 is for the second time on tour outside of Slovenia!

Slovene National Theatre reconstructs the actual historical events: political demonstrations that took place in several villages across Slovenia in the year 2006. It performs the story about the conflict of two communities, which proved to be a prime media event, through the theatrical forms of Antique chorus and radio and television transmission. The combination of the traditional theatre form with contemporary mediality creates a shattering event and re-opens the question of tragedy in the present day. Slovene National Theatre is the fifth part of the project Program! and the first repeatable event in which Janez Janša resumes the procedures and approaches, developed through the first four manifestations of the project.

Premiere: October 28 2007, Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana, Ljubljana

Concept and directed by: Janez Janša
Performed by: Aleksandra Balmazović, Dražen Dragojević, Janez Janša, Barbara Kukovec / Irena Tomažin, Matjaž Pikalo
Sound design: Boštjan Narat
Video:Janez Janša
Camera: Janez Janša, Andrea Keiz
Montage: Janez Janša
Photography: Marcandrea, Andrea Keiz
Executive producer: Barbara Hribar
Technical director: Igor Remeta
Post-production: Tina Dobnik

Thanks to: Andrea Keiz, Janez Janša, Andreja Kopač, Samo Gosarič, Iztok Ilc, Maja Šorli, Jelena Milovanović, Marcela Okretič, Kerstin Schrott, Bojana Kunst, Irena Tomažin, Seminar of Contemporary Performing Arts, TV Slovenia, Slovene National and University Library

Production: Maska - institute for publishing, production and education, Ljubljana, 2007
Co-production: Aksioma – institute for contemporary arts.

Maska programme is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture.

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