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17.04.2009 |
LEOTARD (triko): Urška Vohar

Leotard [li:әta:d]; is a skin-tight one-piece garment that covers the torso and body, but leaves the legs free.

"Leotard becomes part of my skin, my content. The project is based on examining this content conditioned by personal history. It deals with the question on the existence of the dancing in one’s own body, on being torn between dance and movement, on identity and motivation and on one’s own consideration of where the movement arises and when it becomes dance." Urška Vohar

The project is conceived as a 7-week research process of Maska Institute.

The production novelty we are introducing in 2009 is artistic research. We thus want to encourage especially younger artists to take an analytic and research approach to their creative work, which we at Maska already practice. The projects are conceived so that the format in which they will be presented to the audience is determined through research. With this production approach, Maska is making an investment into the artists it plans to cooperate with in the future. At the same time, it brings a new approach to the creation and production in the performing arts field, which opposes the constant dictate of the market and the routine way of production.

Author and performer: Urška Vohar
Assistant at idea and dramaturgy: Katja Praznik
Tehnics: Janko Oven
Production: Maska, Jedrt Jež Furlan
Coproduction: Plesna izba Maribor

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