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..Teja Reba: 650 experiences

19.01.2011 |

TEJA REBA: 650 Experiences (History of the Body not Yet Stolen)

Premiere: 22 January at 19.00, Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana
Performance dates: 23 and 24 January at 19.00, Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana 

650 Experiences (History of the Body not Yet Stolen) is the continuation of the reconstruction of Hijikata’s work (which started as part of Janez Janša’s Fake it!). Hijikata was a Japanese choreographer, dancer and writer, known for inventing Butoh in the 1960s. At one time, Hijikata said that Butoh could take place anywhere. We therefore asked ourselves what and where this ‘anywhere’ is. But how can one explore (in an almost archaeological sense) the creative work of an artist who lived in a completely different time and at the other end of the world? Is not every attempt at a reconstruction possible and impossible at the same time? And, above all, what sense are we to ascribe to these findings?
We encountered some holes and transformed them; we delineated a few trails and translated them into love songs. 

Concept: Teja Reba
Authors: Teja Reba, Loup Abramovici
Dramaturgical consulting and lighting design: Petra Veber
Set design: Petra Veber, Teja Reba, Loup Abramovici
Technical director: Igor Remeta
Executive producer: Žiga Predan
Production: Exodos Ljubljana
Co-production: Maska Ljubljana (in the framework of Dance Dramaturgy)
Support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

The Dance Dramaturgy Programme was created on the basis of an analysis of the needs in the contemporary dance community, which showed that performing arts creators as well as producers wish to expand their knowledge in the field of dance dramaturgy and continually work with trained experts in this field more often.


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