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A Cartography of the Feature-Length Slide Show

14.09.2006 |

A Cartography of the Feature-Length Slide Show is a dance documentary, in which the questions about art, culture, production, spectatorship, community and the urban contexts in which they work are discussed by Nikolina Bujas Pristaš (Zagreb, Croatia), Bojan Djordjev (Beograd, Serbia and Monte Negro), David Lakein (Berlin, Germany), Andros Zinsbrowne (Brussels, Belgium), Ivana Catanese (New York, USA) and Andreja Rauch (Kranj, Ljubljana, Slovenia). All participants work in the field of performing arts and they deal with problems common to all of them as well as with problems specific to their individual work.

The creators of the performance Rok Vevar, Simona Semenič and Nada ®gank visited the artists in their hometowns, in their homes and their studios, and together they charted the cartography of their favourite, the most homely as well as the most alienating spaces in their milieus; they marked these locations and recorded the latitude and longitude of their identities. The creators of the performance sought to find out why these artists chose theatre and dance as their media of expression, and what are some of the routes they have travelled during their training and career; they were interested in the artists’ stories of views and their views of stories, the glossaries of their key concepts, and the temporality of their desire to make theatre. The performance is intended as a reflection on the questions of why we make theatre, why we attend theatre performances, what drives us to collaborate and what we are willing to give up to achieve all this. Israeli philosopher Irit Rogoff describes cartography as a practice of designating locations and identities. A Cartography of the Feature-Length Slide Show is an attempt to constellate the problematics of creativity in a specific generation of artists in the field of contemporary performing arts.

Rok Vevar and Simona Semenič have thus far created two performances: A Fistful of Empty Hands (Polna pest praznih rok, Muzeum, 2001) and Solo Without Talon (Solo brez talona, Maska, Glej, 2003).

By Rok Vevar
Dramaturgy: Simona Semenič
Photography: Nada ®gank
Performed by: Andreja Rauch
Light design: Danilo Pečar

In collaboration with artists who have performed on the video: Nikolina Bujas Pristaš (Zagreb, Hrvaška), Bojan Djordjev (Beograd, Srbija in Črna gora), David Lakein (Berlin, Nemčija), Andros Zinsbrowne (Bruslej, Belgija), Ivana Catanese (New York, ZDA) in Andreja Rauch (Kranj, Ljubljana, Sovenija)

Video created by: Rok Vevar, Simona Semenič
Technical advisor: Sebastjan Nenad
Sound editing: Peter Kus
Video editing: Boris Garb
Produced by: Maska, Glej, Cankarjev dom v sodelovanju s SCCA Ljubljana

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