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At Her Majesty’s Pleasure!

27.10.2010 |

Jure Novak, Eclipse, Matjaž Pikalo, Breda Smolnikar, Ive Tabar, Goran Vojnović:

Jure Novak
At Her Majesty’s Pleasure!

14.3.2011 at 20:00, Theatre GLEJ
15.3.2011 at 20:00, Theatre KOPER

At Her Majesty’s Pleasure! focuses primarily on the positions of artists and artistic freedom in contemporary societies in view of legal and ethical frameworks of artistic creation. It examines the questions of the relationship between artists’ rights and the freedom of speech, on the one hand, and personal and material rights of individuals and groups, on the other.
At Her Majesty’s Pleasure! is a semi-documentary performance that takes as its factual starting point the actual legal and ethical questions of artistic freedom brought to light recently; among them: court censorships of novels by Pikalo and Smolnikar, police persecution of Vojnović and the public, media and institutional responses to the projects by Eclipse and Ive Tabar.
At Her Majesty’s Pleasure! examines the nominal and the actual position of contemporary artists, the processes of normalising and appropriating the artistic and an artist’s (ir)responsibility to his or her own work and the reactions to it; and attempts to form a basis for an honest creative stance that takes into account its position in the social structures of power and norm.


At Her Majesty’s Pleasure! is part of the programme of Maska, Institute for Publishing, Production and Education, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.
The project is part of the Ljubljana – World Book Capital 2010 programme. The project has been co-funded by the City of Ljubljana.
Glej’s programme is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana.


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