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Very beautiful was the Forma Interrogativa a collaboration between the Polish choreographer and dancer Magda Reiter and Mateja Rebolj, a former prima ballerina of the Slovenian cultural scene. It forms an extraordinary interesting starting point: a young choreographer meets a prominent ballerina and dancer, and together they decide to examine the medium “dance”. Forma Interrogativa is built from a number of questions concerning the problematic nature of the medium “dance”. The performance starts as a hesitation. It is as if both dancers do not know how to begin: the music starts but a moment later it stops. A false start. Both dancers, two generations, are looking for a movement but cannot find it. Shortly after, they are dancing, but in the dark.. The stage is lighted by about ten beams of light and Rebolj succeeds in dancing through the beams. Reiter looks at her. She stands still in a beam. Forma Interrogativa is a performance, in which the artists are very powerful and no evidence remains.
Tom Rummens, De Morgen, 11.11.2003

Magdalena Reiter and Mateja Rebolj physically went looking for each other and the dance. Initially there was their clumsy shuffle on the prepodium, but soon it became an interesting choreography for two individuals with a difficult mutual relationship. The story filtered through by pieces. Somebody is on its way to someone else. But who and why? And what has the murderer got to do with it? Or is it all but a dream? Forma Interrogativa leaves a big question. But it is a question that itches, that you take with you when you leave the hall, in order to taste it at ease later.
Elke Van Campenhout, De Standaard, 12.11.2003

The choreography exceeds asking question only in the dance media and it's possible to understand the dance sequances broader, as a question about individual identity in a dialogue with another person. Forma interrogativa containes very interesting parts, choreographiclly as well as performingwise, where movement goes from explosivness to exceptional sensibility. Excellent performing.
Mojca Kumerdej , Delo, 29.01.2003

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