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Technical raider

This technical outline is an integral part of the contract between the producer and the organizer of the performances. This means that the organizer should fulfil the technical conditions on his initiative and expenses. Exceptions are only possible if confirmed in writing. Therefore the organizer should provide a technical rider of the space to the company (dimensions, list of normally available equipment, floor plan, cross-section on scale). On the basis of this we can look for adaptations.

STAGE minimum 9m wide × 8m deep.


We are using 17 pieces of plexi glass foil (0,8m wide × 2,5m high).
This we will hang around our acting area.
We will build an extra stage 6m wide, 4m deep, 0,12m high. (wooden frame covered with pleksi glass)
On this stage we will placed a metal bath.
We will bring all the set and props with us.

The performance requires a minimum available height of light bars of 5m.
Black box

We kindly request to start working with empty flybars (c.q. grid or trusses).
The programmable lighting computer should be capable of manual crossfades with a double crossfade master.
Overall number of 2 kW channels is 40.
Light in the audience area (also not drawn on the light plot) should be run from the light computer.

As for lighting fixtures, we need the following.

4 × 1 kW (or 750W) zoom profiles  (25°- 50°) with knives and iris.
1 × 1 kW (or 750W) zoom profiles  (15°- 30°) with knives and iris.
5 × 1 kW fresnel (with barndoors)
2 × 2 kW fresnel (with barndoors)
5 × 1 kW PC’s  (with barndoors)
1 × 1 kW floodlights
2 × 250 W floodlights
32 × 120W linestra – we will bring with us
You have to provide us Aluminum tape.

Lee filters :

119    1× 1 kW floodlights
201    2× fresnel 2kW
    2× fresnel 1kW
    10× linestre
205    3× fresnel 1kW

We may agree upon some simplifications, but we should discuss them as soon as possible.

The organizer should provide a powerful front of house system, capable of high qualitative reproduction. We need a sufficient amount of mid and high without it being aggressive.
We use two pairs of speakers (backside of the stage and front of the stage).
The mixing console should have separated volume control for each pair of speakers.
We use 1 professional CD players
1 × DI box stereo

Connections have to be made separately from the light infrastructure and properly earthed.

If sound controls are not in the same room as the lighting controls, we will need an intercom system.

The performance is approximately 50 minutes long without a break. The organizer is responsible for a satisfactory visibility for the whole of the audience, because quite some images play in the front of the stage.

We ask for one build up day before the first performance day. This is because the performance has to fit in each space differently. Therefore it is also important that we get as much information as soon as possible.

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