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Technical raider

Janez Janša
Life [in Progress]

Technical Rider

Running time:
Performance: 60-100 minutes
Exhibition: to be decided with organizer

Set up time:
Total 2 full days
Set 2x10 hours
Light 6 hours
Video 1 hour
Sound 1 hour

The installation is adapted to the space. The crew for set and lights should be available during the whole set up.

Technical stuff required by organizer:
Set 4 persons
Light 2 persons
Video 1 person
Sound 1 person

Equipment to be provided by the organizer



1 practicable 2x1x1m, covered with black cloth


4 PC 1 kW


1 mic. wireless (head)
1 sound system adequate for the space
1 mix
The only sound produced is speech by performer


Stage dimensions (width x depth x height): minimum 18x18x5m

10 tables 80x80cm (all equal, preferably wood colour. If the tables are different should be covered b black cloth)
15 equal wooden chairs
5 practicable 2x1m (self standing, to be used as a blackboard)
1 madras 90x190cm
1 practicable 2x1x 0,40m (for madras)
1 black wooden box 80x40x80cm
1 black wooden box 120x40x40cm
3 black wooden boxes 40x40x40cm with a holding hole in the middle (cca 10x3cm or round Ø 5cm)
1 aquarium (cca 40x30x30cm) with golden fish
1 Platform 5x2x1,5m against the wall
1 Platform 5x2x1,5m against the wall

Description of the space:
- 40 forex plates 50x70cm hang from the ceiling on transparent ropes
- 32 set of curtains (3x3m each) hang on the height of 3,2m (provided by Maska) – 8 stretched wires from wall to wall
- black floor (or black dance floor)
- The first platform 5x2x1m is placed against the wall. The print of Guernica (5x2m) is attached to the wall. If the wall is not even, the print should be attached to a solid support (practicable, for example). Spectators colour the print with markers. Stairs to the platform should be set aside. Platform should be safe for spectators.
- The second platform is placed against the wall and serves the sculpture Triglav to be placed. Spectators enter the sculpture. Stairs to the platform should be set aside. Platform should be safe for spectators. Depending on the space of performance, the first and the second platform can be connected or separated.


1 CD players with headphone output
1 CD player connected to the sound system
1 wireless microphone on a normal stand
1 wireless microphone on a table stand
1 headphone
1 sound system adequate to the space

If the performance is set in more than one room the same sound signal should be spread in all rooms.
The sounds produced are speeches by spectators and music from the cd player.


2 projectors (beamers) min. 3500 ANSI lumen
2 computers connected to projectors

If the walls are not white (or very light) 2 screens should be placed on the walls (1,5x2m)


80 halogen 220V lamps (provided by Maska)
mix light board - digital
5 pcs PAR 36
15 pcs PC 1 kW with barren doors
4 reading table lights (40W)

We cannot provide lighting plan since lighting depends on the adaptation of the installation which is always anew.

List of props per performance

/to be arranged before hand by the organizer/

- 50 application form for name changing in the country where performance happens /per performance/
- 1 map (the biggest size available, preferably 1 to 1,5m) of the city in which performance happens /per performance/
- 50 application form for the biggest right wing political party in the country where performance happens /per performance/
- Golden fish
- 1 flag of the country in which the performance takes place(size 1x2m) /per performance/

/provided by Maska, costs covered by organizer/

- 30 ceramic dinner plates per performance
- 10 different glasses (0.3, 0.5, wine, spirits…)
- 6 different bottles of spirits per performance
- 6 pencils
- 2 erasers
- pail
- pillow 60x60cm
- 2 big black markers per performance
- 60 big markers of all colours per performance
- 2 thin red markers per performance
- 4 white t-shirts per performance
- 4 hangers for T-shirts
- 2 dm3 of soil, 2 dm3 of ashes per performance
- 2 soup plates
- 30 chalks per performance
- 2 ink pens
- 6 tubes with the glue per performance
- 30 plastic bags per performance
- 2 notebooks (white paper, 1 with and 1 without lines)
- 50 empty red envelops
- 100 A4 white sheets of paper
- 50 Membership application form for Slovene Democratic Party (SDS)
- 4 clocks at the wall
- 2 mirrors 40x60cm
- 1 wooden stick 1m, Ø 2cm
- Print Guernica 5x2m
- Triglav sculpture
- 50 wooden pegs
- 2 female dresses per performance

Additional equipment for the exhibition only:

2 LCD monitors (at least 32'')
2 personal computers connected to monitors


Production manager
Jedrt Jeľ Furlan
Maska Ljubljana
Metelkova 6
SI-1000 Ljubljana
tel.:+386 1 431 31 22
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fax: +386 1 431 31 22
mob.:+ 386 (0)31 658 281

Technical director
Igor Remeta
Mobi: + 386 40 668 389

Maska, Institute for Publishing, Production and Education
Metelkova 6
SI-1000 Ljubljana

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