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Technical Rider

OBLIVION (Ivan Peternelj), Maska Ljubljana, Slovenia

12 meters wide,
15 meters deep,
5 meters high,
black box: black curtains: righ and left and in the back; In the back of the stage on the left side and the right side a black »leg« (stripe, pillar, etc.) 2 meters wide


1 stroboscope (position in the middle of grid )controlled by light board
1 Pany slide projector 2 kW with optic lense

- In front on the right side of the stage we need to hang something on the celling; this needs to carry about a 100 kilograms
- In the middle of the back stage wall we need to hang two projection screens so there needs to be something on the wall where we can attach the screens to
- one table or a box or something where we can put the overhead projector on, it needs to be about 1 meter wide 1 meter high and 0.5 meter deep
- sound mixing table next to the light mixing table in the back behind the audience and one in the back of the stage on the left side
- a monitor in the back of the stage on the left side.

a small mixing table (can be 8-channel max) where we can plug in:
-2 microfon stands
- a microfon for putting the sound onto an alluminium plate
 -a microfon for vocal
-effect: DELAY for vocal
- 1 CD player
PS: The musician is on the stage and cannot regulate the sound from behind the audience, so we need an extra (house) technician to regulate the sound during the performance

- 100kg of desert sand,
- overhead projector
- 4x cane sticks (2 meters long)
- a rope (used on ships or sth like that), 5 cm wide and 20 meters long, which can carry a 100kg
- a screen 2 x 2 meters

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