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28.01.2010 |

OUT OF DISCORD: Irena Toma¾in & Joséphine Evrard

avgust 11th 2011, 20.30 and 22.30 / sommer.bar 2011, Podewil, Berlin, Germany (in the frame of "Tanz im August" Festival)

OUT OF DISCORD is a link between voice and movement, the inaudible and the unarticulated, body and space. Irena Toma¾in and Josephine Evrard (in her rich career as an artist, she cooperated also with Meg Stuart) weave the game of dividing, splitting, uniting, doubling, the game between the double and the divided, between a single persona and its shadow – the shadow of delineation. Do the traces of memory reveal what had not happened or do they search for the remains of what had happened? It is the reflection of one who speaks and can (not) hear oneself, who watches but can (not) see oneself. A game of the monologue of the blind spot and noise, of the inaudible word and unarticulated voice, unified body and the double shadow.

…is it the last word?

No… it's no word. It's not a word, it's a sound.
Which kind of sound? Any kind ?
I don't know… maybe…like that?

Ah… so it's like….you want to end something or begin something new…? Maybe you would like to change something or….. you want to give something to somebody that you were not aware you were giving until now. With the last word you make a kind of a border. With the last word you never know that it’s the last one, you want to continue…. but then it doesn't.

But I need to speak… I…need to … say something… anything…because if silent

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