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19.03.2007 |

“Program!” by Janez Janša is a series of singular actions, experimental situations, research workshops and open performances dealing with questions of contemporary performing art system and its positioning in the wider social and historical context.

Manifestations of the project Program!  discussed the following problematics:

  • The future of art (performance “Soiree”, Festival Tanz im August 2006, performed by Janša and a clairvoyant Gül from Berlin);
  • The positioning of contemporary dance and performance art in the context of individual’s reality or “how to explain contemporary art to your mother?” (a research “In Between”, Tanzquartier Vienna, March 2007);
  • Limit(ation)s in the creative process and how to cross them (demonstration dialogues “Over and Over”, Festival Tanz im August 2007, Janez Janša, Meg Stuart, Xavier Le Roy, Olga Pona, Felix Ruckert and Giselle Vienne);
  • (Re)Construction of the history of contemporary dance in Eastern Europe (a reconstruction and a demonstration of “Pelican” , Festival "Veronika Blumstein - Moving Heads", Hamburg, October 2007, Janez Janša and Helena Golab);
  • Mediality of factual historical events (Sound reconstruction »Slovene National Theatre«, repeatable event, premiere November 2007);
  • Economic conditions of programming of houses and festivals and the theory of lagging behind (Imitations of contemporary dance classics “Fake It!”, Festival Exodos, Ljubljana, November 2007);
  • The principle of “freedom” in dance and performing arts and how to rehearse it (Open laboratory “Rehearsing Freedom”, Tanzquartier, Vienna, January 2008); 
  • The status of the signature in the art world (performance “Signature”, Festival Transmediale, Berlin, January 2008, Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša);

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