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15.05.2009 |
PTIH! : Irena Tomažin & Hanna Preuss

The artwork brought the authors and performers Ireno Tomažin (choreographer, dancer, actor, performance artist and Zlata ptica 2006 (Golden Bird 2006) award winner) and Hanno Preuss (sound director / sound creator) to the point containing the confrontation with unknown cultures and an artistic necessity within personal development and creative process.

The sudden generous openness of the Japanese space promises a broader cultural exchange in the future. In addition to the invitation to the two theatres where they will appear three times, on 15 and 16 May in the atelier GEKKEN ( N.P.O.GEKKEN ) in Kyoto and on 30 May at RAFT 1-4-4-1F, Nakano, Tokyo, they will also head workshops for Japanese artists on 28 and 29 May in Tokyo. In the meanwhile, the accompanying producer Tini Dobnik will be able to learn about the Japanese way of production and make new contacts, with which we could cooperate in the future.
The “Ptih!” project was developed in order to reveal and restructure the mentioned connections.  They search for contact with the sublime, the immanently inbuilt patterns that are mostly unrecognisable to us. The image of space brings merely information, while sound and movement are emotion and passion. To invent such emotion and passion in Japan means to come to an understanding of the roots of various ways in which perspectives and consciousness arise. The intertwinement and encounter of two worlds, two cultures, will cause shifts within them, which are supposed to be the harbingers of new compounds.

Authors and performers: Irena Tomažin in Hanna Preuss
Stage design: Jože Slak - Djoka
Costume design: Urška in Tomaž Draž
Producer: Tina Dobnik, Maska production

Special thanks for costume design to Urška in Tomaž Draž from Studio Draž

producer: Tina Dobnik, Maska Production
15 and 16 May in the atelier GEKKEN ( N.P.O.GEKKEN ), Kyoto
30 May at RAFT 1-4-4-1F, Nakano, Tokyo
28 and 29 May in Tokyo -  workshop

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