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Technical raider

We are all Marlene Dietrich FOR
Iceland Dance Company and Maska Produstions
Final Technical Rider - January 18th 2006

Set up time

Stage set up
2 people 2 hours

Music set up
2 sound tehnicians
6 hours setup (4 hours setup and 2 hour sound check)

Light set up
3 light tehnicians 8 hours

Video set up
One VA tehnician 3 hours

One stage director/tehnical director, one sound supervisior and one light supervisior to be present at all working hours! One followspot operator to be present at rehearsals and performances.


o Dimentions: (minimum performin area)
· 12 meters wide
· 12 meters deep
· 6 meters high to the level of grid

o A firm back wall which the dancers can use to dance up against
o Back wall is also to be used for video projection
o 10 hanging points to hang transparent curtains (that we bring)
o Gray or white dance floor (back wall preferably in similar colour)

Set/provided by producer/we will bring

o 6 transparent curtains, 5m. high, two of which will be hanged on wires across the stage opening to open and close during the performance and will be operated by performers
o other props

Video equipement/provided by organizer

o 2 identical video projectors, 3500 ANSI lumens – to hang in ceiling or light grid for front projections on the back wall
o 1 video projector 2000 ANSI lumen for projection from stage floor
o Brackets or platforms to secure video projectors in positions
o 1 DVD player (for projectors) Placed at lighting control
o 1 DVD player (for TV on stage) w/ remote control
o 1 monitor for DVD player at lighting control
o 1 TV (55cm) on small platform with wheels (low) (on stage with one DVD player)
o DMX and video signal to all 3 projectors!!

Video equipement/provided by producer/we will bring

o 3 DMX shutters for video projectors (DMX signal to all projectors!!)
o 3 DVD disks

Props/provided by organizer

o 3 rolls 35x50m white Gaffa tape
o 2 tall glass
o 3 tablespoons
o Binoculars
o 1 pack of chewing gum – hubba bubba or other brand that makes bubbles
o 250mg strawberry jam and rasberry jam
o 1 bar stool
o 11 pieces of raw meat (about 5 kg. Total)
o a green apple – per performance
o 350 ml. plain yogurt or kvark – per performance
o 4 packs of rice biscuits
o White semi water resistant paper – paper table cloth on a roll – about 1 or 1,20 meters wide and 10 -15 meters long (which we cut and tape together) paper/ wax covered so fluid does not leak through for example: Lotus professional. – 1 roll per performance

By the stage/ back stage

o Water for drinking in bottles
o 10-15 towels
o iron and an iron board

Instruments/provided by organizer/

o Bas amplifier:
"FENDER 400 PRO combo"
-AMPEG SVT-2PRO head + AMPEG BXT-115HL4 cabinet
-AMPEG SVT-AV head + AMPEG BXT-115HL4 cabinet
o Guitar amplifier:
"Fender twin reverb"
o Guitar (for backup) Fender Stratocaster
o Drums
Yamaha maple custom
colour: wood or black
-Basdrum 20 inch (or 22)
-Snare drum 14' (wood)
-1 Tom 13 inch
-Floor tom 16 inch
-3 cymbal stands, 1 Hi-hat stand, 1drum chair, 1 bas drum pedal.
Sonor, gretch and D.W. Are good replacers in case there is no Yamaha maple custom.


3 guitar stands
1 stand for keyboard

We are all Marlene Dietrich FOR – SOUND RIDER

Version 3, 01-06-2005


36 channels minimum, 12 auxilliaires (pre/post)
(Soundcraft MH4, Allen&Heath ML5000, Midas Heritage)


4 x top (D&B F1222)
2 x top center cluster (D&B Ci60 + Ci90)
2 x sub (D&B B1)
5 x wedge monitor on 5 separate lines (D&B M2)


12 x 31band Graphic EQ (Klark Teknik DN360)
2 x delay
1 x 31band Real Time Audio Analyser (Klark Teknik DN6000) with mic
4 x Compressor/Gate (Drawmer DS201) no automatic attack/release please!
8 x Compressor/Limiter (Drawmer DL241)
1 x professional CD player witch autocue/autopause function
2 x multi FX :
-1x Reverb (PCM91, LXP15)
-1x Delay with Tap/trigger function (TC electronics D-Two)

sources :

2 x wireless body pack for guitar and bassguitar
see input list for the rest

other :

stageblock 16 channels
enough cables and mic stands
clean power !!!


the mixer should be positioned more or less in the middle of the auditorium, and there should be a passage to the stage since i need to go there during the show. To not disturb the audience behind the mixer, it should be placed as low as possible, i don’t mind sitting on my knees.

if you have any questions concerning sound, please contact :

Xavier van Wersch
+32 / (0)494.328.798 (mobile)
+32 / (0) (home)

Light rider


125 channel programmable DMX console, capable of 60 memories and at least 20 submaster faders (ETC Express, Compulite Spark, etc) At least 70 dimmer channels


Full intercom system between stage, Sound control, light control and followspot operator, i.e. at least four headsets.


o PAR 64 1 Kw / CP62...................... 20 pcs
o PAR 64 1 Kw / CP61...................... 10 pcs
o PAR 64 1 Kw / CP60...................... 10 pcs
o FRESNEL 1 kW.............................. 45 pcs /with barndoors/
o PROFILE 1 kW – ETC.................... 20 pcs /50 */
o PROFILE 1 kW – ETC ........... .......... 1 pcs/19* with iris/
o FLOOD LIGHT, 0,5 kW................... 1 pcs
o ASIMETRICAL FLOOD 1 kW ......... 10 pcs
o FOLLOW SPOT – HMI 1,2 kW ....... 1 pcs
STANDS /side booms/ ............................... 8 pcs / hight 0,3 m and 1,8 m /
BARNDOORS ...................................................... ALL PCs or FRESNELs
IRIS ....................................................................... two profiles
HAZER (not smoke)

GELS /FILTERS/Lee or Ecolour and Supergel colours

022 Ecolour / Dark Amber - for one light
052 Ecolour / light lavander - for PAR sideligh
t 132 Ecolour / Medium Blue - for 6 asymetricals
142 Ecolour / Pale violet - for 4 asymetricals
152 Ecolour / Pale gold - for one set of backlight
200 Ecolour / Double CT Blue - for musicians and specials
201 Ecolour / Full CT Blue - for low backlight and specials
132 Supergel /hamburg frost - for all profiles
202 + 213 Ecolour in same frame - for other set of backlight

Provisional time schedule
The day before the 1st performance*

9 a.m. – 1 p.m. set and sound set up, light setup preparations
1 p.m. – 7 p.m. light set up, focusing, video setup
7 p.m. – 8 p.m. sound check and warming up on stage
8 p.m. – 9 p.m. rehearsal (spacing)
9 p.m. – 12 am. sound/light setup

The day of the 1 st performance**

9 a.m. – 12 a.m. light corrections, queing
12 a.m. – 2 p.m. sound corrections + music rehearsal
2 p.m. – 5 p.m. warming up and rehearsal (run through)
6 p.m. – 7.30 p.m. last finishing corrections
8 p.m. performance

*All the necessary equipment needs to be on stage at 9 a.m. the day before 1st performance, dance floor is already fixed.
** Schedule presuposes beginning of the performance at 8 p.m.

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