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Yasmine Hugonnet: A, A ! A ? AA._

20.03.2009 |
Yasmine Hugonnet: A, A ! A ? AA._
« A, A ! A ? AA. _ » explores the gap between intention and realisation. Every intention is already a gesture and every gesture evokes a chain of potential actions that the observer and the actor can project onto their actuality. Many of our acts come from thoughts, they cross our minds without being discarded and there is a place where they accumulate.
A bouncing movement is created between the exterior and the interior reality for both the observer and the performer. The performance invites the spectator to collect the experiences that they recognise, encouraging them to construct their own trajectory.
A, A ! A ? AA._ is a resonant space modulating among the fragments of our imagination.

The choreography composes a dance for the spectator and within the spectator’s perception. It suggests a movement of thoughts sliding and bouncing between body, image, sensation, sign, action and emotion. A stimulating discourse dancing.

Conception & choreography : Yasmine Hugonnet
Performed and created :Daniela Lehmann, Claudette Walker, Yasmine Hugonnet, Gregor Kamnikar.

Composition & Violins : Michael Nick  

Light design : Valerie Sigward, Igor Remeta
Technical director : Igor Remeta
Photography : Nada Žgank
Graphic design: Ožbej Petar
Production : Synalephe France, Maska Ljubljana
Executive producer: Tina Dobnik, Yasmine Hugonnet
Co-production : Tanzhaus Düsseldorf NRW
Partner : Bunker Ljubljana, Elektro Ljubljana, Gledališče Glej,
Financial Support : Adami, Spedidam, Francoski inštitut Charles Nodier

Thanks to everyone who has helped in any way with the production.

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