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Maska journal at Expérience Pommery #5 exhibition

17.06.2008 | Maska, performing arts journal at the exhibition L'art en contemporain Europe expérience Pommery #5

From June 13 to December 31 2008, journal Maska will make its guest appearance at the exhibition L'art en contemporain Europe expérience Pommery #5 in Reims, France.
The exhibition of contemporary visual art is for the fifth time hosted by the company Vranken Pommery Monopole. This year, the company Pommery invited the editor in cheif of the French art magazine Beaux Arts magazine Fabrice Bousteau as the curator of the exhibition, who together with the assistant Barbara Soyer realized the idea to invite European art magazines to co-curate the exhibition. The magazines proposed two artists from their country to appear at the exhibition. The exhibition thus hosts twenty-seven countries of the European Union, more than 50 artists with 52 art works and 27 art magazines. Providing the possibility for art magazines to co-curate the exhibition, the exhibition underlines the profusion of critical view at contemporary visual art and delivers an analysis of the public and the private in this field.
The editor in chief of journal Maska Katja Praznik and the member of the editorial board Karla ®eleznik curated Slovene artists. The Slovene artists participating at the event are the group Absurd (Jure Legac and Peter Koštrun) with the dome The monument to consumerism (consisting of 240 shopping carts) and Luiza Margan and Miha Presker with the light installation 706.

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