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Šoking gala šov / The Events Marking the 40th Anniversary of the Emergence of the Pupilija Ferkeverk Group

21.04.2009 |
Šoking gala šov
Ljubljana, 21 to 28 October, 2009

The Events Marking the 40th Anniversary of the Emergence of the Pupilija Ferkeverk Group

Pupilija Ferkeverk was a group that marked, with its short but breakthrough work, the neo-avantgarde of theatre in Slovenia and former Yugoslavia. With an innovative and uncompromising approach, the group introduced numerous novelties – from everyday life and popular culture to the dramaturgy of collage, video and elements of performance art and happening – into theatre, and all these novelties represented a new, fresh, interdisciplinary view of art and society.

At the time, Pupilija’s political activity consisted of opposing all forms of authority, and the group distanced itself as it made fun of/subverted authorities from the external (country, nation, party, church, market) and the internal (theatre and aesthetics). With its incredibly suggestive but virtually innocent language, Pupilija can also easily attract today’s spectators, which was proven by Janša’s successful and award-winning reconstruction of the provocative performance Pupilija, papa Pupilo and the Pupilceks.

On the 40th anniversary of the emergence of the group, we want to mark and contextualize its work with numerous events taking place from 21 October until 28 October 2009.
The exhibition Time for Revolution at the City Museum Ljubljana ; The publication of a monograph on the Pupilija Ferkeverk group (by the Slovenian Theatre Museum and Maska Ljubljana); A performance of the reenacted Pupilija, papa Pupilo and the Pupilceks in Cankarjev dom. Additionally, the Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana will host the premier for the reenactment of The Noble Mould of Pupilija Frekeverk by AGRFT students; TV Slovenia will broadcast the original performance and Pupilija, papa Pupilo and the Pupilceks – The Reconstruction. The results of the Performing the Visual, Performing Life research on experimental art in the 1960s and 1970s will be presented at the City Museum Ljubljana and published in the special issue of Maska, performing arts journal; an international symposium on architecture and avantgarde theatre at the Slovenian Theatre Museum. Finally, Maska Ljubljana will be organizing an international festival of reconstructions at the Old Power Plant.

Organized by:

Maska Ljubljana
Museum & Galleries of Ljubljana
Slovenian Theatre Museum
Cankarjev dom
TV Slovenia
Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
Kinodvor.Mestni kino.
Stara mestna elektrarna - Elektro Ljubljana
Pivovarna Laško d.d.

Events are cofinanced by:

Ministry of Culture of Republic Slovenia
Municipality of Ljubljana
Erste Stiftung
Allianz Kulturstiftung
European Cultural Fundation

Media sponsors:

Mladina, časopisno podjetje
Radio Študent
Adria Airways d.d.
Europlakat d.o.o.


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