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18.08.2008 |

Maska Publications include three fields of publishing: Maska, Performing Arts Journal, book series TRANSformacije and Mediakcije, what is the foundations of the Maska publishing programme. The field of reflection comprises the broadest area of contemporary performing arts; from theatre and contemporary dance to performance, multimedia and new-media art.

MASKA performing arts journal (ISSN 0352-7913)
Maska is performing arts journal with the longest European tradition (published since 1920). It is published in four double issues a year, each issue dedicated to one specific topic. Maska is a critical platform of the performing arts field and a place of live encounter, confrontation and discussion of and about contemporary arts in the local and international contexts.

Book series TRANSformacije is profiled as a field of contemporary reflection on performing arts, including works by Slovene authors as well as translations of distinguished titles in the field. TRANSformacije provide the terminological and conceptual frame for reflection on contemporary performing arts.

Book series Mediakcije

is profiled as a field of critical writings on media culture and society.

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