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Postdramatic Condition

13.09.2006 |

The main thematic scope of this issue of Maska is dedicated to the postdramatic condition. In it, we have published the main contributions of national and foreign theoreticians (Van den Dries, Milohnić, Toporišič, Praznik) from the Postdramatic Condition consultation, which was organized by Maska in Cankarjev dom at the issue of the Slovenian translation of the book Postdramatic Theatre by Hans-Thies Lehmann. We have also shed a light on the Performance of Media Realities, New Opera and Performing Tactics. Those thematic ranges comprise theoretical reflections of national and foreign authors on the current Slovenian and foreign contemporary performance artists. A young Spanish theoretician Ana Buigues explores the connection between the situationist movement and the work of Igor Štromajer and Davide Grassi, a Beograd musicologist Jelena Novak discusses the entering of the opera into the post-modern media era, where the new opera casts an anchor and enters a sharp polemic. Performing Tactics bring a series of present-day correspondence between a dance theoretician from Belgium Myriam Van Imschoot and a notorious French choreographer Xavier Le Roy and Bojana Kunst in her article discloses the ontology of truth in the mystical theatrical performing of a Belgian performer and theatrician Wayn Traub. We also publish an interview with a Croatian director Ivica Buljan, and a review of the first book on contemporary dance history in Slovenia.

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