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19.09.2006 |

 "Welcome to today's voting session"This textual and pictorial reader is more than just documentation of an art project. It combines contributions by theorists and a photocomic created by Dejan Dragosavac Ruta from the original project's texts and visuals to reflect on the proposition of Janez Janša's DemoKino – Virtual Biopolitical Agora. DemoKino – Virtual Biopolitical Agora is an anti-entertainment interactive film that develops according to the audience members' vote. Inspired in part by the "pianisti" scandal in the Italian Parliament when a number of senators were filmed voting for their absent colleagues via the electronic voting system, DemoKino is a virtual parliament which, through filmic parables, following one protagonist’s rethinking of the ethical dilemmas placed before us, provides the spectators-come-voters/participants with the opportunity to decide on issues that are, paradoxically, becoming the essence of modern politics: the questions of life – abortion, cloning, therapeutic cloning, water privatization, copyleft, euthanasia, genetically modified organisms, same sex marriage. After DemoKino was published in a number of formats – as web-based streaming, as live film presentation, on television with televoting provided, as a DVD that may be rented from a local shop and as a radio broadcast, no medium seemed left out. This reader was initiated not with an idea to reformat the artistic project to print form, or to approach it solely from a critical or analytical perspective, but with an idea to contextualize, to reframe the wider cultural and political environment DemoKino appears in, providing a theoretical, artistic and social context. To ask: who is the one who performs? The lone protagonist of the film or the spectator who becomes engaged in a strategy of making visible, even obvious, not just the button pushing of the Italian senators, but the deceptive liberty of the spectator to freely navigate through the film interactively, as a member of a virtual democratic body.

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