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A Piece for Matjaž Hanžek: Samo Gosarič

18.11.2009 |
A Piece for Matjaž Hanžek: Samo Gosarič
4, 5 and 9 June 2009 at 9:00 PM
at Plesni teater Ljubljana, Prijateljeva 2, Ljubljana


In the framework of theDance Dramaturgy/Continual Dramaturgy programme, we present the first performance/dance recital by Samo Gosarič entitled A Piece for Matjaž Hanžek.

The programme was created on the basis of an analysis of the needs within the contemporary dance community, which showed that performing arts creators as well as producers wish to expand their knowledge in the field of dance dramaturgy and more often continually work with trained experts in this field.

A Piece for Matjaž Hanžek will be performed on 4, 5 and 9 June 2009, at 21.00, at Plesni teater Ljubljana, Prijateljeva 2, Ljubljana.

Samo Gosarič:
A Piece for Matjaž Hanžek
A dance recital

A Piece for Matjaž Hanžek is a homage to Matjaž Hanžek’s concrete poetry from the early 1970s. The starting point of the dance recital lies in the first part of his collection of poems “Iščemo pesmi, kje so? (We Are Looking for Poems, Where Are They?)” (1971), taking from it the procedures of programming and coincidence which than serve as the basis for authorial choreographies of each of the three dancers.


In translating the structure of the poem into movement, they mostly followed the principle ‘word = movement’, which was then upgraded by the introduction of the second principle – game. On the whole, the event plays on the various possibilities found between a precise structure, demonstration and game, avoiding obvious narration or personal expression.


Samo Gosarič’s professional directorial debut and the first professional project of all three performers was created in the spirit of a collective learning process and research in which the participants proceeded from the given material and then interpreted neo-avantgarde procedures in their own way.

Sources used in the performance:
1. Hanžek, Matjaž: 'Iščemo pesmi (ena) kje so? (We Are Looking for Poems (One), Where Are they?', in: Hanžek, Matjaž: Iščemo pesmi, kje so? (We Are Looking for Poems, Where Are They?), Maribor: Založba obzorja (Znamenja), 1971.
2. Vojin Kovač – Chubby: 'Uvod v knjigo osnutek (Introduction to the Book Draft)', in: Kovač, Vojin – Chubby: Chubby was here, Založba Lipa: Koper 1987, p. 57.
3. Interview with Matjaž Hanžek, in: Pibernik, France: Med modernizmom in avantgardo, pričevanja o sodobni poeziji (Between Modernism and Avantgarde, Testimonies On Contemporary Poetry), Ljubljana: Slovenska matica 1981, pp. 292-301.
4. Geister, Iztok: 'Poezija Matjaža Hanžka (The Poetry of Matjaž Hanžek)', in: Problemi – Literatura, no. 118-119-120, Ljubljana 1972, pp. 150-154.

About the author:

Samo Gosarič (1979) is a writer and creator in the field of performing arts. In his studies and art projects, he deals especially with the Slovene Neo-avantgarde: he graduated with a paper on the poetry and visual poetry of the OHO group (Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2006), was assistant director of a theatre reconstruction of the Slovene neo-avantgarde performance “Pupilija, papa Pupilo and the Pupilceks” directed by Janez Janša (Emil Hrvatin)(Maska Ljubljana, 2006), and dramaturge of the reconstruction of the 1971 performance “Monument G” directed by Janez Janša and Dušan Jovanović (Maska Ljubljana, 2009). Currently, he is exploring theoretical texts by the OHO group and examining and reconstructing walking performances of the 1960s and 1970s, from former Yugoslavia and Southeast and Eastern Europe (as part of his MA studies with mentor Bojana Kunst, PhD). As assistant director, he also cooperated in the theatre project “Fake-It!” (2007) by Janez Janša and street action “Blank_Protest” (2008) by Vlado G. Repnik and Martina Ruhsam. He writes dance and theatre reviews for the daily Večer and was editor of two festival newspapers (Mladi levi, 2007; City of Women, 2008).

Conceived and directed by: SAMO GOSARIČ




Dramaturgical adviser: BOJANA KUNST


Movement adviser: MILAN TOMÁŠIK


Speech adviser: ANA DUŠA


Debut mentor: SINJA OŽBOLT


Lighting design: LUKA CURK








Co-production: MASKA LJUBLJANA (in the framework of the Dance Dramaturgy programme)


Special thanks to Matjaž Hanžek

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