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05.06.2011 |

Dramaturgical Workshop for Young Dramaturges
In the framework of the PLESKAVICA festival

DD Tabor, Vidovdanska c. 7, 1000 Ljubljana

Sunday, 12th June between  2 pm and 5 pm
Monday, 13th June between noon and 5 pm
Tuesday, 14th June between noon and 5 pm
Wednesday, 15th June between noon and 5 pm

The participants will be divided into three groups under the mentorship of Ivana Ivković, Jasna Žmak and Rok Vevar.

In order to encourage continual work and a greater inclusion of dramaturges in practice, we organised an intensive four-day workshop in the framework of the PLESKAVICA festival, at which young dramaturges will explore theoretical and practical work in cooperation and under the guidance of their mentors, question the role of dramaturgy, the dramaturgical and of course the dramaturge’s role in dance performances. The work will be practical and it will be directly tied to the creative process and the creation of an ad hoc performance.

The purpose of the workshop is to create a dialogue between (future) dramaturges, to encourage a more intensive inclusion of dramaturges in dance projects, to reflect on the significance of dramaturges and their role and, especially, to educate new dramaturgical forces in the dance field.

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