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..Martina Rushan: Dramaturgy of collaboration

THURSDAY, 13.05.2010
15:00 Dramaturgy symposium: Martina Ruhsam: PTL

Martina Rushan:
Dramaturgy of collaboration

Dramaturgy is busy with translating conceptional concerns to perceptible events and vice versa. As performances are more and more hybrid forms of dance, performance, film, exhibition, lecture, media-art and installation, dramaturgical concepts in the 21st century cannot merely be concerned with the organisation of movements in time and space but have to deal with the elaboration and collocation of words, discourses, projections, pictures, spaces, objects, films etc. Moreover there is a circulation of roles in innovative collaborative teams. Therefore being a dramaturg does not necessarily mean being a dramaturg in all collaborative contexts and is not in any contradiction to being a choreographer, performer or else in another project or phase of a collaboration.

Martina Ruhsam is working as a choreographer, performer and writer. She studied Movement Studies & Performance at the Anton-Bruckner-University in Linz and Theatre-, Film- and Mediastudies at the University of Vienna. From October 2008 to March 2009 she was the head of the theory-center in Tanzquartier Wien. She is a member of the editorial board of Corpus – Internet Magazine for Dance, Choreography and Performance (http://www.corpusweb.net/).

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