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..Jeroen Peeters: Heterogeneous dramaturgies

FRIDAY, 14.05.2010

12:00 Presentation of the book written by Jeroen Peeters
Jeroen Petersa, Janez Janša and Leja Jurišić

16:00 Dramaturgy symposium: Jeroen Peeters, PTL
Heterogeneous dramaturgies

Many artists working in the field of dance today have exchanged the role of the dramaturge for the ‘dramaturgical’, considering the production of meaning a shared responsibility of all the collaborators. Moreover, the ‘dramaturgical’ pervades all aspects of the artistic creation process and ties itself to materials and media, bodies and space. How to develop a method that is singular to the piece to come – rather than apply acquired knowledge? Can a creation process have a right in itself? Can the dramaturgical be regarded as a foreign, heterogeneous, or opaque realm? How to create a shared ground where experimentation and exploration, desire and doubt have a place? How to open up the dramaturgical as a social space for work and reflection, for collaboration and decision – rather than negotiation and consensus?

Jeroen Peeters is an essayist, dramaturge, performer and curator based in Brussels. He publishes on dance, performance and art theory in various specialized media, such as Contact Quarterly, corpus, Dance Theatre Journal and Etcetera, and in several books, including his Bodies as filters (2004) and Shadow Bodies (2006). His book in collaboration with Meg Stuart, Are we here yet? was published in March 2010 (Les Presses du réel). Since 2002, Peeters has been co-directing Sarma, a discursive laboratory for dance criticism, research, dramaturgy and creation (www.sarma.be). As dramaturge, artistic collaborator and/or performer, Peeters has contributed to projects of Paul Deschanel Movement Research Group, Sabina Holzer, Anne Juren, Thomas Lehmen, Vera Mantero, Martin Nachbar, Meg Stuart and Superamas, among others. With Kattrin Deufert, Thomas Plischke and Marcus Steinweg he created Anarchiv #1: I am not a zombie in 2009.


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