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..Patrick Primavesi

Patrick Primavesi
Transmitting Gestures.
Situation and Intervention in LIGNA's Radio-Performances

24 January 2011 ob 19.00
Cankarjev dom M3/4 Hall, Prešernova 10, 1000 Ljubljana

Transmitting Gestures.
Situation and Intervention in LIGNA's Radio-Performances

The dispositiv once called ‘public sphere’ has remarkably changed: places formerly regarded as public are privatized, controlled by surveillance cameras and security guards, according to more or less visible regulations of behavior. Reflecting on this development, the productions of LIGNA (a Berlin based group of performance and radio artists) organize interventions, situations of dispersal. Participants are invited to perform movements and gestures which are broadcasted as instructions by portable radio transmitters: scenarios for revolutionary (or at least irregular) behavior in shopping malls, train stations, squares etc. The lecture will discuss these scenarios, their ability to perform the dispositiv of a society of control and also to interrupt it.

Patrick Primavesi is a professor of theatre studies at the university of Leipzig. During the nineteeneighties he spent most of his time in cinema and theatre, studying in Berlin and Giessen and working as intern, assistant and dramaturge in the golden age of avant-garde theatre in Frankfurt (Einar Schleef, William Forsythe, The Opera and The Tat ...). He started reading Walter Benjamin and wrote his PhD on his theories about translation and theatre. At the University of Frankfurt he worked together with Hans-Thies Lehmann, in particular for the organization of a master-program in dramaturgy. His research projects focus on interrelations between ritual, festival, public sphere, and theatre as cultural practice. He published essays on contemporary theatre and performance, on Bertolt Brecht, Heiner Müller and Robert Wilson, on voice, gesture and rhythm, on relations between theatre, film, and new media.



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