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Strategic Subjectivities

11.09.2006 |

The third year of the seminar was held under the title Performance Strategies. The seminar was dedicated to different political and radical artistic strategies, with a special focus on the sixties and the seventies of the past century, and the re-actualization of the respective strategies and topics today.

The lectures were given by:
Ramsay Burt,
Alexei Monroe,
Tomaž Toporišič,
Jerry A. Flieger,
Katrien Jacobs (workshop),
Emil Hrvatin (workshop),
Dorothea Von Hantelmann,
Ileana Pintilie Teleaga,
Miško Šuvakovič,
Luk Van Den Dries,
Hans-Ties Lehmann (round table at the publishment of the book),
Aldo Milohnić,
Bojana Cvejić,
Igor Štromajer (workshop),
Kurt Vanhoutte,
Bojana Kunst.

The seminar was lead by Bojana Kunst.

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