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Performed Policies. Contemporary Performance Art and the Strategies of Non-conformism

11.09.2006 |

In the new edition of the seminar, entitled Performed Policies: Contemporary Performance Art and the Strategies of Non-conformism, attention will be focused around artistic practices that realize that contemporary performing art is also caught in numerous connections of contemporary global and spectacular world. In the last decade, the contemporary performing arts also face the over-questioning of the relation between theatre and function, the search for ways in which the contemporary performing arts can react to contemporary political, social or intimate problems, which gain utterly different dimensions through globalization, spectacle and new forms of political connections. So how do performing arts today face the dangerous liaisons, how do they restore their ways of organizing and cooperate in contemporary connections? How do activism, function and the search for strategies that we have witnessed in the past decade in the field of media arts, visual arts, manifest in the field of performing arts? If in the past century theatre was articulating its criticism above all through stressing the autonomy of all its actors (with the autonomy of the director, of poetics, of the concept), it seems that today that kind of autonomy has become a characteristic of commodity (in the art market as well) and is loosing its critical adjustment. Contemporary performing arts thus newly face the issue of authorship, community and collective, the question of non-civility and non-conformism, the new emotional tonalities that are disclosed in the connections of the modern world, the altered relation between the private and the public. Lectures will be given by: Andre Lepecki, Inke Arns, Diether Lessage, Maaike Bleeker, Marina Gržinić, Jure Stojan, Bojana Cvejić, etc..

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