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Praxis: The Non-Visible Museum (MONA) Work Shop

27.09.2011 |

MGLC – Tivoli Castle (Tivoli Park), Pod turnom 3, Ljubljana
October 3rd and 4th
5 p.m. - 7p.m.

Work Shop of tandem Praxis
Organized by Maska Ljubljana in the frame of Seminar of Contemporary Performing Arts in colaboration with The 29. Biennal of Graphic Art (organizer MGLC)

In a work shop, Delia and Brainard Carey invite you to participate in an experience to stretch your imagination and learn how to create art that can be implanted in your mind without the need of a physical material. There is no limit of what can be created.

In a 2 hours work shop, participants will learn about the non-visible museum and have a chance to be part of the museum. MONA is a way for anyone to use their imagination to create works of art. Then the works of art that are made in the museum are exhibited by describing them.

It is a work shop that any age can participate in. It will be fun, easy, and requires no skills of any kind. It is a chance to relax and experience something that will exist in your mind alone that will bring out the creativity in the participant.

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