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PRESENT, MEMORY, HISTORY Contemporary performing arts and performing history.

18.08.2008 |

Maska and Cankarjev dom announce

Reflection on Contemporary Art

Seminar of Contemporary Performing Arts VIII

School year 2008 / 2009


When we want to delineate, point out, describe or place into a context the current art practice, we often say or write that something is contemporary. But what does the elusive broadness of this expression refer to, what does it mean? Foucault claims that an increased visibility or frequency of a certain expression reveals a sort of anxiety, it points to a certain fundamental crisis. At the Seminar, we will consider precisely the various aspects of the contemporaneity of performing arts of the last decades and attempt to place it into historical contexts. At the lectures and workshops, we will present various art projects and movements connected to the actual/possible historical event and overlooked and invisible art practices. In the 2008 / 2009 season, reflections on contemporary arts will be devoted to the historicization of performing arts, as part of Maska’s platform for theoretical and artistic research of the history of contemporary performing arts ARTCHIVE.


The Seminar is composed of public lectures at Cankarjev dom, internal lectures, seminar work under the guidance of Bojana Kunst and four workshops. Among the Slovene and international theoreticians and artists to give lectures and conduct workshops are: Ramsay Burt, Valerie Briginshaw, Sergej Goran Pristas, Nikolina Bujas Pristas, Société Réaliste, Hooman Sharifi, Alan Read, Aldo Milohnic, Rok Vevar, Bojana Kunst. The Seminar is conceived as a live and dynamic crossroads of ideas, critical thought and reflections on the possible modes of art.



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